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How to set the balance of an account?

Go to the accounts screen and select the relevant account. now select 'account statement' Press the balance icon at the bottom.

How to define a budget?

Go to the categories screen. Select the relevant category and edit. You can define different budgets to different periods.

How to change the date format?

Press the menu and then options. Select date format and then the relevant screen. You can select a short format in one screen and a long format in another.

How to get online data from my bank?

Go to the accounts screen and edit the relevant account. Press advanced and make sure you entered correctly the name and country of the bank. Now press advanced again.  The service is not yet available in all countries. If it is not available to your bank you can still download the account statement from your bank and import it.

How to import the account statement from my bank?

Press the menu at the top and then select 'import' Select the account statement file you downloaded from your bank.

All the amounts are wrong. What may be the reason?

Check if you didn't change by mistake the currency at the bottom of the screen.

I don't see new actions that I enter. What may be the reason?

Check if you didnt change by mistake the sort order of the actions.

How to add images to the action?

When you create a new action or edit an existing one press the camera icon to add a picture directly from camera. Or press the 3 dots icon and select 'pictures and files'.

My question is not listed here. Where can I ask more questions?

The best places to ask questions is the forum or our FaceBook page.

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