What is the HandWallet API?

HandWallet has a free open API for developers to get data from banks and credit card companies. The API is based on JavaScript and lets you easily login to your bank, get the data and insert it to HandWallet Expense Manager. You can use the API for personal needs (get data from your financial institute) or use it to make money by sharing your work with others.

How to make money with HandWallet API?

After you write the script to get data from a bank you may share it with other users of the HandWallet app. For each end user that uses your script you will get %100 of the revenue of the ad space in the sync window. +you will get %100 of the revenue of the ad space of the account statement screen (even if the sync was used only once). Ad space is based on Admob. Ads related to gambling or adults are not allowed.

Why don't you write all the script yourself?

There are about 30,000 finance institutes around the world. For writing the script and debugging it you need to have an account in the relevant bank or credit card company.

How much work is involved and how much money should I expect every month?

Writing a short code that connects to a bank and gets the transactions is not a complicated task, but it do takes few hours. To write the script correctly you should take care of all error messages and end cases.
About revenue-
This depends on many factors, including the country of the bank and how the bank is popular. In general, it is not much work to create a script for one bank and not too much revenue every month. But once a person get used to work with your script we he will keep using it on a daily basis, so the revenue will grow from month to month. For each person using it you should earn few dollars every month.

How do I start?

Just download our user manual for developers and a text editor (Notepad++ will do). The API is totally free: no registration fees, no setup fees, no monthly fees, etc. To learn how to use the API we suggest running the demo script included in the user manual and understand how it works.