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HandWallet version for Android smartphones and tablets.

Android Expense Manager
26/10/2016 5.06
PC Windows
28/06/2016 4.60

Expense Manager is the most simple and professional solution for Android users to manage expense, income and budget.
After installing HandWallet Expense Manager you can add few add-ons and widgets to the main app:
Expense Tracker will add voice recognition so you can avoid typing.
Use Budget Control widget to show the total of your expenses on home screen.
Another important widget is Accounting to show you the balance of your accounts.
Personal finance will add location to your expenses.
Budget is a new app that helps you manage your expenses by using the "budget envelopes" system.
And finally- Bank SMS will identify any SMS coming from your bank or credit card company and create the transaction in HandWallet Expense Manager for you.
家庭经济管理之方法 促进业务管理之方法
HandWallet Pro 家庭经济管理之得奖工具,平衡帐户,计划经济预算, 追踪开支及收入,避免财政透支
Windows, Windows XP, Windows 7 Android smartphons, Android tablets iPhone, iPod, iPad Palm Pilot, Palm OS Windows Mobile, Windows CE Symbian
控制信用卡,银行帐户及现金交易。 请成为我们全球400,000感到满意的用户之一, 助阁下由从今天起 节省金钱

HandWallet Business 给予大小型企业在市场交易的支援,促进财务管理效能之工具
确实地检阅阁下的业务平衡之概要,网上更新财务资料,控 制税务,分析业务的计划,预告未来的财务,多元化的装置 ,备有各种币值,多元化的语言服务
HandWallet广泛地被 学生, 家庭, 旅客, 自雇人士公司使用。

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