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  Home Financial Solutions

HandWallet BasicTM is the most downloaded free financial software for PDA's (Pocket PC / WinCE, Palm OS, Symbian OS).

HandWallet ProTM is the most advanced and powerful software for home users to manage finance.
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Home Financial Solutions

    HandWallet BasicTM  FREE for PDA's   Press to download

FREE for PDA's. No time limit in the software and no "Demo" features (PocketPC user - please read this).
Multi devices support: Palm OS, PocketPC/WinCE, Symbian. If you change your PDA the data can be transferred.
Track income, expenses, loans and savings. By knowing exactly what are your resources and on what you are spending them on you will be able to save money every month.
Track up to 3 Bank accounts, Credit Cards or Cash.
Graphic analyses of all aspects of the data: Pie Chart of incomes or expenses. A Bar diagram of an expense or income over a period of time. Financial forecasting of an account or of all the accounts.
Support for periodic events: every week, every month, every two-month, every half year or every year.
Split an action into several payments, including non-equal payments. Take care of a delay in one of the payments caused by the Credit Card company or for any other reason.
Classify a transaction into categories and sub-categories. Supplied with a pre defined set of categories and sub-categories. User can define up to 10 new categories and sub-categories or hide existing ones anytime.
Control over the real payments in any one of the accounts managed by the system. A way to update an account balance. The ability to add remarks and personal information regarding an event or a pay.
Basic budget control.
Managing up to 3 persons and groups. Connects between a transaction and a person or a group.
Online help.
Windows interface. Color support (if supported by the hardware). Advanced friendly MMI, getting the best out of your handheld computer.
Personalization of the "look & feel" of the product. The ability to control and change offline parameters.
Multilingual support including localization for different countries.
A special technique for storing and retrieving data.
Developing in a standard solid environment using Microsoft Visual Basic and MobileVB created by AppForge to compile to several environments.


Bank Accountt

    HandWallet ProTM  for PDA's   Purchase now!

Pay only once. If you change you type of PDA (PocketPC-Palm-Symbian) the license (and the data) remains.
Sync all your data with a private secured web page. Then you can access this data anytime anywhere!
Merge data from several PDA's and phones to build a complete professional finance picture of all members in your family.
Track an unlimited number of Bank accounts, Credit Cards or Cash.
Track an unlimited types of Accounts: Coupons, Mileage, "Points" or any other means of pay. The only software that can calculate all your properties according to your rates (you can decide what is the value of one "mile" or "coupon").
unlimited number of personal categories.
Managing unlimited persons and groups.
Multi currency support. Manage several accounts simultaneously in different currencies.
Sophisticated exchange methods: During the action, During the payment. The ability to affect the rate of exchange between currencies.
While you are abroad, you can view all your expenses in your home currency.
The only software that allows you to view all your accounts and incomes in the local currency, while you are abroad!
Import and Export data from other programs, including Microsoft Word, Access and Excel.
Export to XML format and QIF format. TXT file support.
Online downloads of finance data from central banks and stock markets.
Manage events with appropriate calculation of interest, linkage or discount.
Track your checks.
Budget planning options. Build your budget top-down or bottom-up. Graphical view of planned budget against real transactions.
Be more accurate: Use unlimited number of categories to describe an action, connect an action to several partners, add quantity to each category.
Get the best personal support in the market.
Budget planning

Export Import

Expenses Diagram

    HandWallet MobileTM FREE trial, Purchase now!

Use your wap cellular phone in order to enjoy the main benefits of HandWallet.
Multi devices support. WAP browser and internet connection required.
Check your finance information anytime anywhere.
Fully integrated with HandWallet Pro.
View data entered in your mobile device or in a private secured web page.
Merge data from several mobile phones and PDA's to build a complete professional finance picture of all members in your family.
Mobile WAP Track Expenses

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